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MLA Course
Listing Archived: Friday, April 13, 2018

Primary contact information...
NN/LM - PSR, UCLA Biomedical Library
12-077 Center for the Health Sciences
Box 951798
Los Angeles CA , 90095-1798
United States
Kay Deeney is the primary contact.
Phone: 310-206-0525
Fax: 310-825-5389
Resource URL:
Region: All

Description: Explore the latest and greatest from the National Library of Medicine treasure trove of resources! This class focuses on databases such as, Drug Information Portal, Genetic Testing Registry and PubMed. Additional databases and resources will be highlighted as time permits. Attendees will participate either in person or through distance learning via discussions/chats, hands-on exercises and surveys/polls.

Experience Level: Beginning Plus
Continuing Education Experience: N/A
CE Contact Hours: 3, 4
Professional Competencies: Health Sciences Information Services, Information Systems and Technology
Subject: Electronic Resources, Expert Searching, NLM Databases
Course Type: Face to Face, e-Learning, RML Offerings

Educational Objective: Attendees will be able to • Increase their awareness of NLM resources and databases; • Describe the function of; • Find trials by searching or browsing; • Explore DailyMed and the NLM Drug Portal to locate drug information; • Explore Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) to find genetic testing information; • Become familiar with the NLM Gallery of Mobile Apps and Sites; • Explore PubMed’s special features such as Shared My NCBI or LinkOut; • Describe when to use various resources and databases.


1.	Introduction/Overview (10)
2.	Exploring (45-60)
3.	NLM Drug Portal and DailyMed (30-45)
4.	Genetic Testing Registry (20)
5.	NLM Gallery of Mobile Apps (15-25)
6.	PubMed Health and PubMed special features (30-40)
7.	Discussion and review of NLM Resources (15-25)
8.	Final questions, wrap-up, and class evaluations (15)

Need for This Course: December, 2014 Learning Needs Assessment survey of the Pacific Southwest Region, NN/LM documented a need for more hands-on classes featuring NLM resources and databases.

The instructional methods used include Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Hands-on Exercises, and Other.

Participant Materials: Agenda

Facility Requirements: Computers for instructor and students; projector for instructor workstation; internet access.

Additional Evaluation: SurveyMonkey evaluation will be used.