Your Library's Value: Needs Assessment, Program Development, Program Evaluation

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Primary contact information...
NN/LM Outreach Evaluation Resource Center
Health Sciences Library
University of Washington Box 357155
Seattle WA , 98195-7155
United States
Cindy Olney is the primary contact.
Phone: 678-682-3864
Resource URL:
Region: Pacific Northwest

Description: In this workshop, participants will first learn how to define “value” by assessing the needs of the many different stakeholders in their environment (users, administrators, library staff, etc.). They then will learn to map their programs and services against institutional goals using a logic model and develop an evaluation plan to investigate and document their libraries’ contributions to the institutional mission. The workshop will end with a presentation about online library-value calculators, which participants can use for cost-benefit analysis and return-on-investment.This course was evaluated at MLA '11 and scored an overall course grade of 3.67 and 3.63 on a 4.0 scale. The mean score for all evaluated courses taught at MLA ’11 was 3.63 on a 4.0 scale.

Experience Level: Beginning
Continuing Education Experience: None
CE Contact Hours: 4
Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management, Research + Analysis and Interpretation
Subject: Assessment/Evaluation, Consumer Health, Outreach/Advocacy
Course Type: Face to Face, RML Offerings - Lecture/discussion/group exercise

Educational Objective: By the end of the class, participants will be able to translate larger institutional goals into library goals and outcomes, then develop a plan to provide and evaluate programs and services that will demonstrate their library’s value.


Your Library's Value:  Needs Assessment, Program Development, Program Evaluation

Agenda (Duration: 4 Hours)

30 minutes	Introduction: Know the Vision
A short, motivational presentation about the importance of positioning your library so that it is seen as valuable to the larger institution

30 minutes	Understand Your Environment (Needs Assessment)
A presentation about the components of needs assessment that should be assessed and methods for collecting information, followed by a large group exercise doing a SWOT analysis 

60 minutes	Plan Backward; Implement Forward (Program Development)
A short presentation about logic models, followed by a small group exercise where participants work in pairs to complete part of a logic model.  An emphasis will be made to map outcomes to the mission of the larger institution.

15 minutes	Break

75 minutes	Demonstrate Your Value (Program Evaluation)
Part 1: A large group discussion allowing participants to practice developing a program evaluation plan from their logic models  
Part 2: A presentation on three tools for analyzing evaluation data -- objectives; baseline assessment; and cost-benefit analysis -- followed by a large group discussion about ways participants would analyze data collected for projects described in their logic models. 

15 minutes	Use It or Lose It (Communicating Results)
The group will spend about 15 minutes brainstorming ways to report evaluation findings and advocate for the value of their libraries.

15 minutes	Wrap up and Session Evaluation

Need for This Course: This course was originally developed by for the 2008 NAHSL chapter meeting at that chapter's request. It is being considered by the MLA CE Committee for the 2011 MLA annual meeting in Minneapolis.

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, and Case Method.

Participant Materials: We will provide handout packets with informational materials and worksheets.

Facility Requirements: Internet access, Microphone, LCD projector, Flip chart, Table Preferred room setup with tables facing the front in school room style.

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