Leadership Considered: Refining and Defining Your Skills for Today and Tomorrow

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Listing Archived: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Primary contact information...
Health Sciences and Human Services Library
University of Maryland, Baltimore
601 West Lombard Street
Baltimore MD , 21201
United States
Mary Joan (M.J.) Tooey is the primary contact.
Phone: 4107067545
Fax: 4107063101
Region: Mid-Atlantic

Description: What are attributes of leaders? What makes a good leader? How is leadership different from management? Can everyone lead? Do you understand your leadership style? How can you lead, not only your own unit but, within committees, at the institutional level or opportunistically. Do you have to be an extrovert or have gobs of charisma to be a leader? Are there physical traits that can strengthen your leadership style? What attributes will be needed in order to thrive as a effective leader in the future? If you have ever asked any or all of these questions then this course will help you focus your leadership journey.

Experience Level: Intermediate
CE Contact Hours: 4
Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management
Subject: Leadership
Course Type: Face to Face - Traditional Classroom-based Course

Educational Objective: By the completion of this four hour CE Course, participants will: 1.Have robust discussions regarding the roles and attributes of effective leaders. 2.Identify their own leadership strengths and weaknesses and discuss why leadership is so hard. 3.Learn strategies for presenting themselves as leaders and articulate one new strategy they will try in their leadership opportunities. 4.Articulate the difference between management and leadership. 5.Cast their thinking forward regarding future leadership qualities.


Agenda: Leadership Considered: Refining and Defining Your Skills for Today and Tomorrow
I.	Welcome and Introductions -20 minutes
II.	Review objectives and logistics for the day – 10 minutes
III.	What are your greatest leadership challenges? What holds you back from being a leader? 20 minutes
IV.	The three myths of leadership – 10 minutes
a.	Leaders are born not made 
b.	Extroversion preferable to introversion 
c.	Leaders sit at the top of the food chain 
V.	Management vs leadership – 15 minutes – not mutually exclusive
VI.	Leaders are born not made – discussion – 15 minutes
VII.	Extroversion vs introversion – what are you? – 15 minutes
VIII.	All leaders are at the top of the food chain. Where are there other opportunities to lead? 15 minutes
IX.	Break – 15 minutes
X.	Resettle – Questions/reflections from before the break. 10 minutes
XI.	Leading from the middle - 15 minutes
XII.	Exemplary leadership – 10 minutes
XIII.	Physical and vocal symbols of leadership - 20 minutes
XIV.	What are your next steps? Commit to one thing. Write it down – 5 minutes
XV.	Sharing your next steps with a partner. 15 minutes
XVI.	Any revelations? 15 minutes
XVII.	Questions – 10 minutes
XVIII.	Wrap-up – 5 minutes
XIX.	Evaluation – 10 minutes

Need for This Course: Every day we are called upon to be leaders. Many people believe only certain people can be leaders. Many people believe the leadership exists only at the highest levels when leadership opportunities exist everywhere. Through processes of self-reflection, self-evaluation, practice, discussion, and being present, anyone can improve their leadership persona. I have been asked by two chapters, MAC and Southern to teach a class of this type in the Fall 2017.

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Discussion, Dialog, and Sharing/Self-disclosure.

Participant Materials: TBD

Facility Requirements: Classroom style with the ability to rearrange the seating into small groups and a discussion circle. Flip charts

Additional Evaluation: None needed