2017 MeSH Highlights

MLA Course
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Primary contact information...
US National Library of Medicine
38A Center Dr.
Bethesda MD , 20894
United States
Katherine Majewski is the primary contact.

Description: On January 27, 2017, join NLM staff for a highlights tour of the 2017 Medical Subject Headings (MeSH). A 30 minute presentation will feature a new subheading; new protein classes; additional dietary supplement concepts; changes to both the phenomena and technologies trees; and a new MeSH Browser. Following the presentation, Indexing and MeSH experts will be available to answer your questions.

Experience Level: Intermediate
CE Contact Hours: 1.0
Professional Competencies: Health Sciences Information Services, Information Systems and Technology
Subject: Expert Searching, NLM Databases, Research, Technology/Systems
Course Type: e-Learning


MeSH 2017 changes
The new MeSH Browser
How to learn more about MeSH

The instructional methods used include Demonstration and Discussion.

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