Exploring Your Leadership Journey

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Listing Archived: Friday, April 27, 2018

Primary contact information...
Stanford University
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford CA , 94305
United States
Heidi Heilemann is the primary contact.
Region: All

Description: Exploring Your Leadership Journey Our leadership journey begins at birth. Leaders aren’t born; they are made, that is, they create themselves by: • Observing others to identify what works and what doesn’t • Knowing themselves (self-awareness) • Knowing the environment (culture and context) • Being present but aspiring for a vision of the future Leadership is about seeing and making the connections that impact meaningful change and leaders exist at all levels in our organizations. Leaders have the ability to continually identify individual strengths and areas for growth and create an environment where others can build on strengths. This class will provide an interactive environment with exercises to help participants gain a deeper understanding of their personal leadership journey. Presenter Heidi Heilemann, MLS, MLA, AHIP, Associate Dean for Knowledge Management, Director, Lane Medical Library and Knowledge Management Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Experience Level: Beginning Plus
Continuing Education Experience: none
CE Contact Hours: 2.0
Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management
Subject: Leadership
Course Type: Face to Face

Educational Objective: 1/ To support the growth of self-awareness and knowledge regarding potential career paths. 2/ To stimulate discussion regarding options for career development, issues to consider, and anything else needing to be discussed.


I. Objectives and introductions
II. Culture and Context
III. Charting Your Leadership Journey
IV.   Group conversation and ‘parking lot’ issues
V.      Wrap-up and Evaluations

Need for This Course: This is an overview mini-course geared to all levels of health sciences librarianship. It will address general leadership development for any stage in the health sciences librarian career. Unlike MLA CE 201 Do You Want to be a Library Director? Knowledge, Skills & Career Paths , this course will not focus on activities of a library director, but rather the leadership skills required for a successful career in health sciences librarianship at any stage of the career. Participants will actively participate in developing their own personal leadership pathway.

The instructional methods used include Slides, Discussion, Sharing/Self-disclosure, and Hands-on Exercises.

Facility Requirements: Classroom with tables and chairs and projection for powerpoint slides. No Internet connection needed.