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The Clearinghouse is a listing of courses, other educational activities such as Webcasts, and other educational resources. For developers who are interested in having their activity or resource approved/renewed by MLA and listed in the Clearinghouse, please go to the instructor sign-up or instructor log-in to submit an item.

Special note for Continuing Education courses: Evaluation scores are currently displayed in the course listing (if available). Scores are determined by tallying attendee evaluations when a course is offered and based on a scale of 1 to 4 points possible. Attendees score the course on content, objectives, instructional materials and the instructor’s skills. Contact MLA about additional course details.

Please send your questions, comments, or suggestions to Debra Cavanaugh, Continuing Education Coordinator, or contact her at 312/419-9094 x32 or mlapd3@mlahq.org.

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